Women's Yoga

Yoga adapted to the female body

a dialog with the pelvis

As women we are cyclic beings, the most permanent thing in our lives is change.

Through my practise I have learned how to listen to the daily change in my cycle and better understand how my personal cycle is affecting me. This knowledge has given me the key to better understand myself both off and on the mat.
The brain pelvis connection has a big role in the cycles as they are the main players in the monthly change of hormones in a woman’s body. They affect body and mind as well as change our mood, energy level, patience towards ourselves and others.
Adjusting the yoga practise to the different stages of the cycle, creates a dialog with the pelvis. The pelvis contains many life stories and memories. The practice unfolds a process were a woman can learn how to listen and figure out the signals that come from the pelvis, signals that we have never been taught how to understand.
Practising Yoga for women has given me the tools to adjust my energy level to my daily tasks, and has empowered me to feel good with the woman I am.

Cycles / The Tao of Women
There must be separation before one can return.
There must be winter before there can be spring.

Every seed needs a time for growth; every woman
Needs a time for herself.
The moon creates the tides. A woman in touch
With her own nature welcomes the ebb and flow of life.

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