Women's Yoga

Yoga adapted to the female body


Throughout our lives gravity is affecting us; we have no other choice but to find a way to live with it.We better understand how gravity affects us.

Every time we jump, we experience gravity. It pulls us back down to the ground. Without gravity, we’d float off into the atmosphere, along with all other matter on Earth.So gravity pulls everything down!Over the years, gravity has a constant effect on our bodies; Our inner organsare also being drawn down within us… In the Pelvic floor area, this leads to all sorts of disorders, often not spoken about in our society, Such as urinary incontinence, Pelvic organs prolapse at different levels and many other conditions that effect a women’s wellbeing. Apart from gravity there are many other risk factors that can increase the accumulating damage of the pelvic floor and lead to different disorders.There are several possible factors or a combination of factors, including: lifestyle, chronic intra-abdominal pressure(obesity, chronic cough and / or constipation, sports, smoking etc),trauma (accidents, surgery), pregnancy, traumatic birth (babies over 3700 g, vaginal deliveries with long pressing stage, cut and / or large tears) and repeated births (every birth increases the risk of developingPelvic floor disorders) that will have an influence on the pelvic floor.The good news is that the pelvic floor muscles, are mostly voluntary muscles, which means we can control them and strengthen them by practicing withintention to avoid future damage. If the damage is already done,the first recommended step is to go see a Doctor, there are medical ways to improve the situation.There are also other ways in which you can learn how to make lifestyle changes that can support you.It is highly recommend to go to a physical therapist of the pelvic floor. It is the best opportunity to really understand and learn about your existing status and habits.
So now let’s try and get to know this area a bit,The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles, connective tissue,nerves and blood vessels, which are at the bottom of the pelvis. They are constantly working against gravity whilestanding, sitting, when active and at rest.The pelvic floor is a strategic junction in the body, its normal function will allow proper functioning of various systemsassociated with it.
In Yoga for Women’s health we Practice yoga with recognition and awarenessof the pelvic floor.We learn to connect and use our pelvic floor muscles and to combine between movement the birthing and the pelvic floor,in a way that strengthens the pelvic floor.Building a Connection that with time and practice establishes good healthy habits, that give us a good way to copewith the effects of gravity and other conditions we encounter through life,ways that have a positive impact on our body’s and wellbeing.

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