Women's Yoga

Yoga adapted to the female body

The most permanent thing in a woman's life is change

As women we are different every day, our hormones change how we think, feel and behave through our cycles.

Many days they are in the background and we can ignore them. But there are those times were they are right there in the front, leaving us no choice but to listen to the body. Throughout our lives we have cycles, they become more subtle after the menopausal stage, but being cyclic is just part of our nature.
Most women live a very busy life style, were we manage to juggle between many different rules. As mothers, wives, friends, carrier women, working in the household and more. Trying to be are best in all that we do. Most of the time trying to keep up with the pace that does not change. Expecting from ourselves to be at the highest preformats, all the time, every day.
The practice of Yoga for Women can become a powerful ally in our lives. Inviting us to get to know our own unique cycle and the way that it affects us.
The awareness to our cycle helps us recognize those days that we are energized and can be out in the world in high speed. And to understand that there are other times when we need to slow down and turn the gaze inwards and regenerate.

Living with the understanding of our cycle makes life easier for us, there are fewer struggles and turmoil and even if there is, we at least understand most of the time what is affecting us, and that it’s ok, that it is part of being a woman!

Weekly group classes are held at Vidalia yoga,
5276 Notre-Dame-De-Grace,
private classes are available at Vidalia Yoga or at your location.
Come and experience a yoga practice that is adjusted to you as a woman and find a path to your optimal health.

Classic Yoga

Classical yoga – Hatha yoga – learn yoga from the basics in a variety of special workshops

Couples yoga

Special workshops for practicing with your partner – for increased strengthening of your body

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