Women's Yoga

Yoga adapted to the female body


Yoga for women invites you to tack a break from life's weary race, and find a place were you can stop and examine your life in every moment anew.

The high expectations we have from are self’s to being able to maneuver between Motherhood, House work, Career, Socializing etc… may put us in a state of stress and burden, Which will effect are body and mind. On top of that most women don’t adapted there life style and routines to the natural changes that occur in there body. And suffer from stress that can lead to physical and emotional problems, for example: Migraines, irregular periods, anxiety, tension, mood swings, sometimes the problems will be more complex, damage in the pelvic floor, infertility, or chronic illness that harm the quality of life.
Women are affected from there hormonal change in there menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. Many women are familiar with PMS which part of it could be feeling of weariness and restlessness in the days before there period or the good feeling in the days before ovulation. This hormonal changes effect us in are every day life, when women are not aware of what is happening in there body, what is effecting them there is a miss conception that can lead to behavior patterns that lead to moods and un explained desires. The lust for un healthy food’s is also part of this unbalance.
When practicing Yoga for women each women learns to listen to the changes in here body, getting to know here cyclic rhythm and how it effects here every day life.
The practice will change according to the phase she is in,
It will be different on days of here period or when she is pregnant or in menopause.
Yoga for women’s health is intended to all women in any age, it is suitable for women how never have done any fiscal practice and for though’s how can’t give up on there fiscal practice.

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