Women's Yoga

Yoga adapted to the female body

Yoga for Women is an exercise that combines yoga tradition and understanding of the unique workings of the female body

The practice provides not only feminine interpretation of the different positions, but also – and especially – the deep insights that yoga can offer women changing their life cycles.
Adjusted practice character woman’s life cycle and the changes taking place in her body at different times in her life: menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth, menopause and more. 

Through yoga female gives women an opportunity to improve their quality of life, and to facilitate the different symptoms that accompany them in everyday life. It offers a break from the rat race of life demanding, and is designed for any woman, of any age or physical condition.

Yoga is a theory of thousands of years, evolving into a deep attention to people, nature around him, his relationship with himself and his environment and in fact life itself. The word yoga means – unification. Human union with himself, with his environment, with God and the like. Beginning the practice of yoga is physical but mental practice, practice consciousness.

Physical practice later developed the belief that the mind, the soul, are housed in a body that needs comfort and stability. Develop and strengthen throughout history have been made mainly by men.

Most yoga practitioners were men and therefore adapted the practice Elihm.casr I started practicing yoga with women, I discovered little by little the fact that here … Women are different from men. Other: Good not less, not less capable, but built differently and therefore need to work from a different place. For example, pelvic area in women hamster meaningful information about their lives, body and soul.

Yoga for Women allows in-depth work on the pelvic floor area, so that women can cope better with the menstrual cycle, fertility problems, with symptoms such as migraines or recurrent fluctuations associated with menopause. More on the pelvic floor area and the hustle-postpone work female yoga can consider the female hormones, and their impact over the years, and we will practice postures and breathing that help regulate the hormonal activity and allow her to work at its best.

More on hormones and yoga female yoga classes are important information such as whether the pregnancy? Do you suffer from constant stress? Does the fertility treatments or after birth? Did started menopause symptoms associated? The information is part of the practice, and customization for women on the situation. Yoga for Women work with the stabilizing muscular system – deep muscle group, which stabilizes the rest of the routine movements of the body, but in most practices is neglected. Allowing these muscles work well, they support and stabilize the skeleton, the body movements are performed correctly. Consolidation reduces possible damage to the body, such as back pain, herniated discs, shoulder belt tension, weak pelvic organs and much more.

More about working with the stabilizing musculature. Consider female yoga practice in the life cycle of women and the possibility to look into them through unique glasses of yoga, breathing exercises it through, insights from the philosophy of yoga, as well as through a current source, medical and alternative, which offer one way of understanding the female mind and body.

Mira Artzi Padan female yoga developed when women followed over the years in different lifetimes, through childbirth preparation courses, nursing, fertility problems and other difficulties experienced in view of their lives. The method developed allows women to create change in their lives through body awareness and listening to the messages arising from it.

Yoga for Women is an exercise that combines yoga tradition and understanding of the unique workings of the female body

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